Whether you would like your traditional home to be more contemporary and modern, Fulcrum Developments can make it happen. Are you renovating a kitchen, a main floor, or adding on to an existing house? Fulcrum does it all. We work with an exceptional team of architects and designers that can transform your living space into something you have always dreamed of. Fulcrum Developments deals with all the permitting, inspections and day-to-day decisions that need to be considered while managing a renovation. Fulcrum Developments takes pride in every renovation or addition as if we were doing it on our own house. If you are in need of an upgrade on your existing house contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Being without a working kitchen during a renovation can be a huge pain, so as an additional service to our clients, a Sidecar Kitchen can also be made available while your renovation is in progress. The Sidecar Kitchen is a simple mobile unit that can be placed in your driveway to grant you access to a complete kitchen throughout your renovation.